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T Buck Construction Success Story

I would 100% recommend DO for the type of hiring blitz they did for us. The recruitment video(s) gave us a lot of awareness and I like to have people scan the QR code whenever they can to just to watch it. It was well done and suits us perfectly! ~ Brian Emmons, T Buck

T Buck Construction was struggling to attract motivated tradesmen and professionals to join their hardworking team. They needed to tell their unique story (employee owned, construction company working on important projects like waste water treatment facilities) and push that story out to individuals looking for a company and construction work T Buck offers. 

Task 1: We created a Company Profile video to tell their EVP and added it to their Career page.

Task 2: We helped T Buck improve the applicant user experience by simplifying the contact form.

Task 3: We created a shorter video and ran it in social media campaigns in the targeted areas T Buck needed people.

The RESULTS:  The campaigns increased the number of applicants for those positions T Buck needed to fill, helping them keep to construction demands and deadlines. 

T Buck Company Profile
T Buck Social Media
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