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Evergreen Home Performance
Success Story

Destination Occupation really helped us identify the kind of worker  we were looking for. The process that they used was amazing ~ Richard Burbank, President 

Evergreen Home Performance’s goal is to help Maine people increase the comfort of their home and reduce their impact on the environment.  Evergreen reached out to us because they had a recruitment problem that affected their ability to deliver services and kept them reaching growth goals. They had more work than they could handle and it was impacting their bottom line.


Task 1:  DO conducted Opinion Leader Research to identify the people who best represent a cross-section of the people that Evergreen wanted to try to "clone."

Task 2:  DO took this information to produce videos interviewing our team in their work  environment to communicate to prospective hires exactly what the job was and why our people like these jobs. 

Task 3:  DO produced various formats and various themes of video to articulate different reasons why employees value working at Evergreen.

Company Profile Video

Once produced, Evergreen used the video products in different ways. Evergreen recognized that they could show and share over the internet with folks that they traditionally hadn't been able to reach– for example the new Mainer Community via WhatsApp.  Having the ability to share a link of their videos on You Tube and communicate  sometimes over language barriers exactly what it is Evergreen does helped them articulate so many things all at  once. 

Social Media Recruitment Videos

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