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Maine Department of Corrections
Success Story

The Department of Corrections made great changes in its model, moving away from punitive to restorative. Telling our story to attract the right people into corrections is critical to our mission. DO was instrumental in achieving this. ~ Tim Sardano, Recruitment Coordinator MDOC

Maine Department of Corrections needed to communicate the critical roles that Corrections Officers play at the different facilities across the state. The MDOC also needed to communicate that the corrections model is not "what you see in the movies". 


Over several months, we coordinated a cohesive plan to capture and individualize the stories of Corrections Officers and Missions of the different MDOC facilities.

The facility and story that made a lasting impression was the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charles.  It is a "a medium and minimum security/pre-release facility" with residents who have "have five years or less left on their sentence". We had the fortune of interviewing a resident for this piece. His story about how the culture change impacted his life was incredibly compelling. 

Another task we endeavored upon was to create a series of videos for the Maine State Prison in Warren. These included a job profile, a Virtual Tour and 2 social media spots.


The Virtual Tour was done to help the public and potential candidates the different corrections officers roles throughout the Maine State prison.

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