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Hussey Seating Success Story

We were struggling to attract people who understood what we were all about, until we worked with DO and adopted some of their recruitment strategies which has been a game changer for us! ~ Patti Buonopane

Hussey Seating, a family run company since 1895, recognized they had a recruitment problem ... an aging workforce nearing retirement. Understanding the need to attract a younger workforce in a new way AND allow that institutional knowledge to be passed along, they turned to DO for a strategic recruitment plan. 


TASK 1:  We worked with Management, HR and Marketing to determine how best to tell their story and what workforce issues were most immediate to tackle.

TASK 2:  We produced a series of short and long form videos to populate Hussey's Career page and launched several marketing campaigns.

TASK 3: We ramped up their recruitment efforts using the DOER (Destination Occupation Employee Referral) Program.

The RESULTS:  Hussey Seating has a strategic plan moving forward that includes continuously telling their Employee Value Proposition, updating assets to reflect their company changes, and using the DOER program with customized QR codes for each DOER to recruit people.


Click on the image below to check out their DOER page! 

Hussey Seating Stadium images

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