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Oakhurst Dairy Success Story

DO saved Oakhurst from shutting down our second shift production.  The impact of a shut down on our employees, farmers and schools would have been devastating. ~ Davielle Hawks, HR Manager 

Oakhurst Dairy found themselves with a significant recruitment problem. They had tried “traditional” marketing strategies to solve their problem.  When they turned to DO, we had a very short runway to turn it around AND we did!  Before digging in, we analyzed previous recruitment efforts (what worked, what didn’t) including what barriers job seekers face when applying (user experience), reviewed job descriptions and created a down and dirty short term plan...think triage.

With about 30 days to turn things around…we dove into the task. Our mission – Increase applicant flow with quality applicants and appeal to people WHY working at Oakhurst Dairy is being a part of an important Maine Community. 


TASK 1:  We wrote a script and filmed a video to help tell Oakhurst Dairy's unique employee value proposition. 

TASK 2:  We built a dedicated Landing Page to capture interested candidate information with a simple contact information form.

TASK 3: We launched a one month targeted Facebook campaign driving interested candidates to the landing page.

The RESULTS:  Within 3 days, Oakhurst had more applicants than they had in the previous 2 years...and within one month, Oakhurst hired 35 people! 

Check out the video that turned their recruitment problem around! 

Once the storytelling and marketing strategy brought the results we wanted, we moved into a more targeted approach…focusing on second shift openings in Warehouse and first and second shift openings in Production. We created targeted videos and campaigns. 

The results: The campaigns successfully brought in quality candidates such that Oakhurst was able to hire enough people for both shifts to keep product flowing.

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